Installing personalVPN-L2TP on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

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Locate your L2TP VPN Client

Choose "Settings" from your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad home screen.

Choose "General"

Choose "Network"

Choose "VPN"

Choose "Add VPN Configuration"

Choose "L2TP"


Configure your L2TP VPN Client

Description = WiTopia L2TP (or whatever you want to call it)

Server: CLICK HERE TO CHOOSE A CONNECTION LOCATION If you are in China, use this as your server:

Account: "your WiTopia PPTP username"@witopia (Example: stevejobs@witopia)


Password: Your WiTopia PPTP Password

Secret: witopia1

Send all Traffic: ON


Connecting and Disconnecting

Go back to VPN screen found at Settings --> General --> Network --> VPN and slide selector to ON.

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