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Setting DNS On Your Computer

Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
10.4 (Tiger)
10.5-10.6 (Leopard & Snow Leopard)
Google Android File:new.png

DNS Providers

IMPORTANT': If you are connecting from China, note that China uses DNS as a primary tool to censor Internet access. It is recommended that you might try a combination of the larger commercial services, setting one address as primary and another as secondary. They have been known to attempt blocking of all DNS services, including WiTopia's, so best to experiment a bit.

Please select 2 addresses. You can mix and match between providers. If there is more then one listed for a provider, just choose at random, as they will all perform the same with the same provider.

Comodo SecureDNS

Dnsadvantage DNS


OpenNic DNS (us) (au) (de) (de) nz) (uk)

Exetel DNS (aus)

Level3 DNS

Verizon DNS


Google DNS

Google DNS

Norton DNS

WiTopia DNS (Northern Virginia, USA) (Manchester, GB) (Hong Kong, China) (California, USA)

If you need more please see the following list Free Public DNS List


When you change the DNS, it is highly suggested that you reboot your computer, and/or any devices that you have updated the DNS on. The reason for this is to be sure that any DNS Cache is flushed, and your local machine is not using the old DNS.

If you cannot restart/reboot your computer, you must at least FLUSH your DNS. Please see the following FAQ: How to flush your DNS

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